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Our passion for farming begins with our lineage, tracing back to Villa Morelos, Michoacán, Mexico. 

Rancho La Morada

Lavender & Flower Farm 

Rancho la Morada Lavender & Flower Farm is dedicated to helping you with all your lavender needs, while sharing our culture and love for the Earth, we offer lavender plants , bundles and essential oils we produce ourselves. We also provide customized consultation on how to grow your own lavender. Whether you are adding lavender to your garden , growing lavender to cook with, or establishing your own farm, we can help you make it happen.

when visiting our farm in Sequim, you can walk through our lavender fields, enjoy an array of flowers (selected by my daughter Amara Xitlali), and visit with our Bees! We plan to open the farm for visitors during the summer months and for the annual Sequim Lavender Festival (Lavender capital of North America)


                                                                           About Juan Gonzalez, Owner                                                                           

My My name is Juan Gonzalez and my origins in agriculture began while    growing up in Villa Morelos, Michoacán, a rural, beautiful Mexican village nestle in the mountain landscape. My grandfather was "un Agricultor," growing corn, pumpkin, fava beans, and other common vegetables. As a young child, I worked in the fields (escardando) alongside my Abuelo (grandfather). Being in the mountains (el cerro), working with my Abuelo, is a heartfelt childhood memory of mine. Not only di he teach me how to work the land, but he instilled in me the love and respect we must have for our Earth (nuestra tierra)

In 1998, my family moved to California's Central Valley, in pursuit of the American Dream (el sueno americano). It was scary and intimidating, attending school in English and learning the new culture of the United States, but when not is school I continued learning about agriculture by working in the fields picking oranges, pomegranates, grapes, olives, and more. After some tumultuous years as a teenager, I moved to Sequim, Washington, a small town in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. I disliked the small-town life at first, with its slow pace, but I knew this would be a place I could honor what my Abuelo and Abuela (grandmother) had envision for me.

I have now lived in Sequim for 20 years, and could not envision a better place for my wife, two children, and our dog to live. Over the last two decades I worked alongside my uncle (mi compa), at a local lavender farm, and then eventually worked with him on his own lavender businesses. I have also worked in landscaping with my father-in-law (mi suegro) for the past 13 years, and began my own landscape company in 2019.

My memories of México and my abuelos run deep. I still remember the smell of fresh firewood and coffee at 6 AM before my Abuelo and I went to work, as my Abuelita cooked homemade tortillas with our freshly groung corn. Rancho La Morada is dedicated to them, and planted with the vision of teaching the principles and fundamentals of agriculture to my children, and all visitors, just as my grandfather had taught me.


rancho la morada lavender farm


In 2018 we took the leap and began our journey with Rancho La Morada.